What we do


Education programs
Educational outreach programming is a very important conservation tool at Creature Quest. Every year, over 20,000 people participate in one of our programs learning about the various animals that share our planet and why each is special and important.



Growing green
Living sustainable and in balance with nature is not just what we try to promote but also what Creature Quest is committed to be. We are continually looking at our operations and upgrading, whenever possible, to greener, more efficient methods. 



Invasive species 
In 2016, Creature Quest campers removed over 100 round gobys from a local pond. While this number may not seem like a lot, campers learned important lessons about why and how invasive plants and animals pose a problem to native flora and fauna, programs and laws in place to protect our environment. 

Les Hiboux de Matthew Wildlife Centre

Beginning in 2018, Creature Quest will be making in-kind donations to Les Hiboux de Matthew Wildlife Centre, a wildlife rehabilitation centre in Caledon, Ontario, specializing in birds of prey. Creature Quest's bird of prey ambassadors routinely captivate the hearts and imaginations of many program attendees. Helping their wild counterparts become healthy and go back into the wild to continue inspiring people and maintaining a balanced ecosystem is important to us.

If you have an injured bird of prey or would like to donate to Les Hiboux de Matthew Wildlife Centre, call Lyne 416 991 8622.

This centre is located on a private residence and does not offer tours or meet and greets.