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2 hours


Interactive display

More than just looking at and touching exotic animals. With interactive displays, feathers, shed skins, furs and more, your guests will have a truly interactive experience! Since animal ambassadors are brought out on rotation, your guests will come back over and over again to see what's new and exciting.


Our friendly handlers, will be available throughout to answer questions and facilitate safe interaction between your guests and our amazing animal ambassadors.


Interactive displays are great for events like fairs, corporate functions, environmental festivals and fundraisers.


Exhibit includes: 2 handlers, 6 touchable animals brought out on rotation, 5 display enclosures, natural history artifacts and interpretive signage. Animals may include reptiles, birds of prey, mammals, amphibians and arthropods. Minimum 2 hour booking required. 


Add handlers: add additional handlers for more interaction oppertunities. Some animals require two or more handlers to come.

Other:Please see our Terms and Conditions.


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542112_10150918879384561_92565205_nHarris Hawk
summer dylan and bearded dragon_edited_edited
485857_10150916303354561_785709375_nwater festival
538174_10150927071614561_886041161_nRicki and Felix
297396_10151104398409561_832919754_nRicki and hibou
188633_10150139002149561_4771644_nDuane at Oakville Place_edited
30297_414077719560_3523112_nAt Water Festival
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