Are you insured?

Yes.Creature Quest is fully insured, have all the necessary permits from the Ministry of Natural Resources and are regularly, voluntarily inspected by the OSPCA and have a vet.



Can we select the animals presented?

No. We bring animals that we feel will best suit each program and day. Animals for programs are based on the suitability for the subject matter as well as the number of handlers included in the program and their ability to work with certain animals.


For safety reasons, our larger animals or animals with special requirements such as fox, birds of prey, monitor lizards, etc., are only included in Combined Classroom presentations.


Animals included in Classroom presentations are smaller in size and are chosen for their suitability to work in a more hands-on environment. These could include chinchilla, rabbits, smaller lizards and snakes, tortoises and frogs.



Can we get a reduced rate for our programming?

At this time, no. We currently do not have any funding avaliable to subsize the rates listed. 



Do you need tables or chairs?

It depends on the type of program.


Classroom programs - we need an open space approximately 5x3 feet in size for our materials and animals. This area needs to be against a wall or the teacher's desk. During the presentation, we will have the children sit on the floor in a semi circle .

For Combined Group Shows, we need access to a working electrical outlet for our sound equipment and one six-foot table. The staging area needs to be against a walled area.