@ Your Home Birthday Party: What We Need From You

  • Driveway parking or equivalent. Without very close parking shows are not possible.

  • Indoor area for the show with enough space for the guests to sit in a semi circle on the floor

  • Have guests wash their hands with warm soapy water before and after the show

  • Help keep the creatures a surprise during set-up 

  • Supervise during the show and help enforce safety rules.

    • If the party gets too loud or unruly for the safety of the animals, staff and/or your guests, Creature Quest staff will stop the presentation ​

  • An area away from the show where guests who do not wish to participate can go. This way all of the participating guests can hear the handlers

  • Sign a liability waiver and pay in full before set-up



By booking Creature Quest Inc., you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the following terms, conditions and risks:

Booking Requirements



Parking is the responsibility of the client. Creature Quest Inc. requires legal driveway parking or equivalent for all its shows to allow for smooth and safe offloading and loading. Any parking costs incurred by Creature Quest Inc. including tickets/towing will be billed back to the client. Creature Quest personnel are not permitted to cross major roadways or leave animals unattended.



Set-Up Time and Area

Creature Quest requires that the area where the show is to take place be closed and vacant until set-up is complete and after the show during take-down. If this is impossible, we require that the client assigns an adult to ensure that no one approaches the area during set-up or take-down. 


Absolutely no photos of animals are permitted while they are in their carriers. 


No one apart from authorized Creature Quest personnel is permitted ‘behind the scenes’ of the set-up. 


Creature Quest requests that the set-up area is placed away from food, bouncy castles, music speakers (apart from those that will be used by Creature Quest during a presentation), other objects that produce loud noise, ball pits, or any equipment involving loose balls or projectiles. Bouncy castles and music speakers tend to be very loud and will detract from the guest and animal experience. Ball pits or any equipment involving loose balls or projectiles are safety hazards and can inadvertently hit or otherwise harm participants, animals, and/or Creature Quest personnel.


For many set-ups, Creature Quest will require the client to provide 6-foot tables and/or access to electricity and water. This will be discussed upon booking.


Stairs: For the safety of our animals and our staff, we require all two presenter shows, displays, events to be wheelchair accessible as most of the animals and equipment are heavy and awkward to carry.  One handler presentations and events can climb one flight of stairs but may need assistance from the client.


Food and Drinks: Food is not allowed to be served or eaten during the show. For sanitary reasons, shows should be held away from eating areas.


Hand Washing: At Home Birthday Party clients are to ensure that participants wash their hands with soap and water before and after the show. All clients’ are required to provide hand washing facilities equipped with running warm water and soap for participant use. The use of hand sanitizer is not permitted during the presentation as it can be harmful or deadly to the animals.

Outdoor shows: At Home Birthday Parties are indoors only.

Company, Organization and Institution clients may request in advance to have a show outdoors. Outdoor shows must be agreed upon in writing with Creature Quest. Requirements for outdoor presentations will be discussed upon booking. For the health and well-being of the animals, an indoor space must be available in the event that the handler feels that conditions are not suitable for an outdoor show. Client to provide suitable cover and access to electricity unless otherwise agreed on in writing with Creature Quest.


Safety, Damage and Injury
Animals: Creature Quest animals are socialized and receive regular veterinary care. Safety is our priority. In the best interests for the health and safety of the animals, client, participants and Creature Quest staff, Creature Quest. reserves the right to make all final animal decisions, including which animals are shown and how they are presented and handled.


Liability: Creature Quest Inc. is not responsible for any injury, illness, allergy, damage caused to persons or property in whole or in part by its animals, staff, property or representatives regardless of severity. Anytime live animals are part of a presentation, an element of risk is involved. Clients are responsible to actively supervise participants and inform guests of the risks involved in the presentation. It is especially important that guests with allergies or phobias or other issues that may be impacted by interacting with animals are informed and participate in a safe manner. Please let our staff know of any allergies, phobias, disabilities or other information that may have an impact on your show so we can ensure to bring/show the animals that will best suit your needs.
If at any time, Creature Quest Inc. staff feels that a group is a danger to persons, animals or property, s/he may cancel the program and the client will still be responsible to pay the full amount of the bill. It is the responsibility of the client to supervise the guests and ensure all guests participate in a responsible and safe fashion.


Risks: Creature Quest Inc.’s animals are well socialized and most captive bred, but still should be considered wild animals. Although rare, any animal, including those shown by Creature Quest Inc., and may occasionally display behaviours that are considered undesirable, including but are not limited to, urinating, defecating, scratching, biting, or/and pinching. Animals, their dander, hair/fur, or saliva, animal feed or bedding may cause allergic reaction in some people.

Arrival, Traffic and Cancellation
Although we endeavour to arrive on time to every program, traffic and weather conditions may delay our arrival. In cases of extreme or emergency situations, including car accidents, extreme weather or medical emergencies, we may be forced to cancel your program. In either of these cases no discount or bonus will be given for present or future shows. A refund of any deposit will be given to clients of cancelled shows if it is not possible to rebook an adequate date within 6 months of the cancelled show.



Animals Wish Lists
Although Creature Quest endeavours to bring any animals that are requested, the oraganization is unable to guarantee any animals in any order of preference for any program. The number of participants and the flow of the show, will determine the total number of animals that Creature Quest staff, volunteers or representitives will show and/or how they are presented.



Payment and Deposits
At Home Birthday Party Clients: A $25.00 + HST non-refundable deposit is required upon booking. Deposits are made through an online credit card processor, or in person by cash or credit card. Bookings are automatically cancelled without payment of the deposit with 24 hours of booking the program. Dates and times are not held without a deposit. The remainder of the fee is due in cash before the start of the show.  Creature Quest accepts cash only for the remainder of the fee. Any parking or admission fees incurred by Creature Quest are the responsibility of the client and will be added to the bill.
Company, Organization and Institution Clients: Creature Quest accepts cash, company cheques or credit card. Confirmation of payment method (cash, company cheque, PayPal or credit card) must be made at time of booking. Please make cheques payable to Creature Quest Inc. Payment must be made in full before the start of your presentation. Any parking or admission fees incurred by Creature Quest are the responsibility of the client and will be added to the bill. A $50 administration fee per instance will be added to any returned payments (credit card, cheques). Bookings that are above $300 in value may require a non-refundable deposit at time of booking based on the sole discretion of Creature Quest.



Changes to Bookings 
Changes to bookings and billing must be made no later than two weeks before the scheduled presentation. All changes must be made in writing and agreed to by Creature Quest. Changes are limited to availability. Presenters will not change invoices or programming.



All fees are subject to HST.


Creature Quest cannot guarantee its animals or facility are allergen free. Many of Creature Quest's animals are fed foods that are common allergens. While we ask that outside food brought into our facility be peanut and nut free, we cannot guarantee that outside foods are 100% peanut or nut free. Residues of peanuts, nuts or other allergens may 


Creature Quest staff and/or volunteers can refuse service to anyone who makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe or feels is threatening to the animals or other participants. Creature Quest staff and/or volunteers can end any presentation at any time or ask the person to leave if they feel threatened or uncomfortable or that the health and safety of the animals is at risk in any way. Refunds will not be given in the event that Creature Quest staff and/or volunteers refuses service due to participant misconduct which is up to the discretion of Creature Quest staff and/or volunteers.




Creature Quest Terms and Conditions are subject to change without warning.