What you need to know before your animal party

@ Your Home Birthday Party


Are you insured?

Yes.Creature Quest is fully insured, have hall the necessary permits from the Ministry of Natural Resources, are regularly inspected by the OSPCA and have a vet on call.



What do you need from us on the day of the show?

  • Driveway parking or equivalent. Without very close parking shows are not possible.

  • Indoor area for the show with enough space for the guests to sit in a semi circle on the floor

  • Have guests wash their hands with warm soapy water before and after the show

  • Help keep the creatures a surprise during set-up 

  • Supervise the children during the show

  • An area away from the show where guests who do not wish to participate can go. This way all of the participating guests can hear the handlers

  • Sign the liability waiver that your handler has and pay you balance in full (cash only) before set-up



We require the client to provide the handler with legal driveway or equivalent parking. Any parking fees incurred will be added to the final bill. Handlers are on a strict schedule and cannot be blocked in a parking space as they need to make it on time to their next appointment. Please invite your guests at least 30 minutes before the start of the animal show, so your handler can have the end of the driveway.

Handlers are not permitted to park illegally or leave animals behind to park. If sufficient parking is unavailable, the show will be cancelled.



I'm going to have 15-20 kids that are 4 yrs old. Should I book the 60-minute show?

No,even though there are lots of kids, increasing the recommended duration is not a good idea. We have found that children under 6 years old and high energy children have great difficulty sitting for that extra 20-minutes especially when the group size is larger. 



Do the animals run around my house?
No. For the safety and well-being of both our animals and your guests all interaction is directly supervised and controlled by one of our animal handlers. When an animal is not being presented, it is safely away in its own travel carrier.



Will the animals poo, pee or make a mess in my house?
All animals use the toilet and unfortunately, most of our animals don't let us know until its too late. The good news is that the animals that come out to birthday parties generally do not use the toilet too often. We do, however, bring animals that are more likely to use the toilet on towels to better protect your guests and home. Since animals are closely supervised by our handlers, they never have a chance to get into any real trouble in your home. Generally, apart from maybe a few wood chips, we leave nothing behind.



During the show, can I get a photo with a snake around someone's neck?

No. It is our policy not to put animals on or above shoulders. We have several reasons for this including guest safety - no one would want to have an animal use the toilet on their heads! and also for the animals safety - necks aren't very thick and aren't comfortable for a snakes



Can we hold the show outdoors?
No. We only hold our birthday party shows INDOORS.


How and when to pay?
A $25+HST non-refundable deposit is required (via MasterCard, Visa or American Express) to hold your space. Your deposit is put towards your balance owed. The remainder of the payment is due before the start of the presentation. Remainder of the balance is paid in cash only (no personal cheques or credit cards) directly to the handler before the presentation.

Please be advised that:
If we require to use PAY PARKING, it will be added to your fee
Prices are subject to HST (not included in the website pricing) 



Do NOT leave credit card information on our voicemail or in email. We will send you a payment request via a secure page.

Deposits requests may take 2- 4 business days to be sent to you. In rare cases during very busy periods, it may take a day or two longer. 

Selecting your animals
We guarantee that some of your animal requests will be at your party; however, we cannot guarantee which animal will come nor can we guarentee animals in order of preference. You may also select up to two animals NOT to be presented at your show. We are not able to accommodate all mammals parties.

Once you have made your selection, you can email your choices to info@creaturequest.ca. Please write "Animal Selection" in the subject line and include your name, date and time of your booking. We will respond to any email you send us. If you do not hear from us within 3 business days (Tues-Fri), please call our office as we may not have received your email. Thank you.


We are unable to tell you what animals will be brought before your presentation date. The animals that make it out to any show are decided on the morning of the presentation after taking several factors into account including but not limited to: animal mood, animal condition (shedding, breeding, etc), weather, number of presentations that week, type of presentation and staff/animal relationship.  Animals and presentations are assessed throughout the day and occasionally animals are removed from a presentation lineup for animal and/or guest health and safety reasons.


The day of the show
Your handler should arrive approximately 10-15 minutes before your scheduled show time to set-up. Please ensure that he or she has legal driveway parking or equivalent. Your handler will not park down the road or leave the animals to park elsewhere. You will be required to fill out a waiver completely (your handler will bring the waiver with him/her) and pay for the show before he or she can set-up.


We strongly suggest keeping the children in another room away from the presentation area while the handler is setting up in order to keep the animals a surprise and allow the handler to set up as quickly as possible.

Once your handler is finished setting up, the children will be asked to sit in a semi circle on the floor. Animals will be brought out one at a time and the handler will talk briefly about them. In many cases, the handler then goes around the circle and will let the children pat/hold the animal.

At the end of the session, the children will be given one animal card each and the birthday child will be given a special prize.

*** Please have the children wash their hands BEFORE & AFTER the show ***




  • Photography is welcome.

  • We ask that participants remain seated during the duration of the presentation.

  • No eating or drinking by the participants during the presentation.

  • Supervise the children and if necessary, please help us enforce the rules

  • Noise should be kept to a minimum. If it gets too noisy or your presenter feels the situation is unruly and unsafe for the animals or guest, she or he will stop the presentation.

  • Please refrain from using hand sanitizers/antibactiral wipes during the show. They can be harmful to our amphibian friends. 


Allergies and Phobias

Please ask your guests about any allergies (fur, nut, etc) or phobias they may have when you send out your invitations. And let our staff know about these allergies/phobias so we can make accommodations where possible.


TREE NUT AND PEANUT ALLERGY ALERT: we cannot guarantee that our animals have not come in contact with tree nuts/ peanuts. Although we do not feed most of our mammals, reptiles, arthropods or amphibians tree nuts or peanuts, the food that we do give them may have come in contact with tree nuts/ peanuts where they were manufactured or packaged. Residue may be on the bodies of the animals. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.